Keep Your Garden Fertilized Naturally With Eco-Friendly Products


It is important to regularly fertilize your garden to ensure that each planting season there are enough nutrients in the soil to support plant growth and health. There are many different types of fertilizers that are on the market, but much care must be taken when choosing the type of fertilizer you plan on using, and especially the brand.

Environmentally Friendly Fertilizers

If you are as concerned about the environment as we are, the brand of fertilizer is just as important as the ingredients listed on the product. The process of collecting fertilizer for gardens can have a major impact on ecosystems and the overall health of mother earth, if done incorrectly or recklessly. An example of this is collecting manure from tightly caged cows; while the fertilizer product is quite rich and will give you a beautiful garden, the cows may not be treated as humanely as you think, and overcrowding not only hurts the cows, but also effects the surrounding environment through runoff, carbon emissions, and more.

When using fertilizer in our gardens, we do a lot of research to make sure that we are selecting a product that we trust and believe in; therefore we wanted to share the products that we often use for fertilizing our gardens.

Fertilizer Products That Are Natural and That We Recommend


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