Succulents – How To Create Outdoor Succulent Gardens

The first things to consider when planning an outdoor garden are the climate in your region and the type of soil on your property. An outdoor succulent garden will probably thrive in warm or temperate locales. Even if you don’t receive a lot of rain, a succulent garden, which consists of plants that store water in their stems and leaves, would still thrive. You may have to take the succulent garden indoors if the area you live in is seasonally subjected to extremely cold temperatures.

Soil & Water

Succulents do well when they are exposed to periodic droughts. They do need water, but can do well with sporadic watering. The best planting area for succulents is one with very good drainage. To test the soil, dig a one foot deep hole and fill it with water. If the water drains out of the hole within 30 minutes, the soil is sufficiently porous. If not you’ll need to add at least three inches of sand or other gritty textured dirt to the soil mixture to make it more porous.

Garden Design

Now that you’re sure your garden will support succulents, the next step is to design your garden. Keeping in mind that there are many varieties of succulents, you’ll need to plant them according to how much space they’ll need when they mature. Cacti grow thicker as they mature, but the space they need is relatively contained, while the burro-tail and the crassula are cascading plants that look best when allowed to hang from higher levels. The echeveria and agave are expansive plants which need room to spread out over the ground.

Caring For Succulents

The care of your succulent garden is essentially the same for all the plants. Water the plants sparingly. Allow the dirt to dry out between watering for at least a two inch depth, and water. It’s important that the roots are not allowed to sit in water, because they are susceptible to rotting. If you have offsets, simply find a new spot nearby and plant them in soil, they should take root and grow. If your plants are attacked by pests, spray them with water mixed with mild horticulture soap. Stick to these care techniques and in time your succulent garden will grow to be a lush example of flourishing plants.

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7 thoughts on “Succulents – How To Create Outdoor Succulent Gardens

  1. That photo makes me want to start a pot of succulents. I’ve debated with the idea but never got that far down my “to do” list. My south-facing back porch would be a good place to set a big pot of those near the back steps. I do believe you have inspired me to set one up this spring–thanks!

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