Great Flowering Indoor Plants For Low Light


Office employees who work in small cubicles and windowless offices benefit from adding plants to their indoor environment.  People who live in apartments with no space for growing container gardens may also. There are a variety of indoor plants that grow well in low light and produce beautiful flowers to brighten up interior spaces.  According to the American Horticultural Society (ASHS), they also make us healthier and happier.

99688695The advantage to decorating an office and apartment with low light plants is they require no special “grow light” or careful tending.  They add fresh greenery pleasing to the eye and spirit that also cleanses the air, increasing oxygen and clearing toxins for better breathing.  If you select flowering indoor plants, you will also have cheerful flowers to add color to your décor throughout the year.

Have you ever noticed how many offices have beautiful containers of peace lilies placed around the lobby? That’s because the peace lily is a low light plant that is very effective at removing impurities such as benzene, formaldehyde and trichloroethylene from indoor air. These are the substances that contribute to the “Sick Building Syndrome” that has plagued many energy efficient sealed buildings.  Containers of decorative peace lilies are a simple and cost-effective way to make the workplace healthier and more humane.  A peace lily requires little attention and light. Their hand-shaped white blooms continue year-round and emit a long-lasting scent.

There are other easy care flowering plants that are suitable for low light areas. African violets, once thought to be something little old ladies raised, are grown in a significant variety of new cultivars. A pretty African violet will actually bloom best with some benign neglect and only minimal amounts of light. They are also propagated in a wide range of colors.  The Zebra Plant’s striped foliage is pretty throughout the year.  It also produces yellow frilly flowers.

The popular Christmas Cactus doesn’t always bloom at Christmastime. Because it needs 12 hours of darkness in order to bloom and this normally occurs during the beginning of winter, Christmas was traditionally the season for the blooms to open.  Another great low light plant, these cacti need very little fuss to thrive. The blooms are white, pink, coral and red.  Bromeliads have colorful leaves, making the whole plant appear to be a flower. Sometimes they actually do produce blossoms, but even without blooms the plant adds flair to any space.

Improving your health and happiness with flowering indoor plants is possible with knowledge of the best plants for your low light situation and their care needs.  To learn more about indoor plants and their care, follow or read more from Pushing Daisies.


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