Reasons Why Your Apricot Tree Won’t Flower


With a fruit so delicious, it’s no wonder that so many people are trying to grow apricot trees in their garden. The problem is that getting it to flower isn’t easy as first-time gardeners soon discover. The trees require patience and attention in order to bear fruits. Here are some gardening tips to help you in this endeavor:

Age of Apricot Tree

Before you panic about the lack of blooms, consider the age of the tree. Apricots need time to mature which is about 5 years on the average. Of course, it will depend on the type of seed you planted so check the source if possible. If the plant is too young, then you cannot do anything for now but wait until it comes of age. Take care of it well so that you will have bountiful future harvests.

Soil For Your Apricot Tree

If an apricot tree is older than 5 years and still not bearing fruits, then you might want to look into its nutrition. Perhaps it is being under or overfed with nutrients from the soil and fertilizers. A soil test will quickly reveal any abnormalities, after which you can take the necessary steps to correct them. The is a proper balance that needs to be maintained in order to sustain good vegetative growth and the production of fruits.

Pruning Your Apricot Tree

Be aware that apricot flowers will only bloom on wood that is two years old or more. Therefore, any pruning should be done carefully so as not to completely eliminate the chances of fruit bearing for the next season. There must always be a mixture of old and new branches for best results.

Cold Weather and Apricot Trees

The temperature on the site should suit the needs of the apricot tree. If it is too cold in the garden, then the precious blooms may appear only to freeze to death after a while. This is especially true during brutal winters. This is why owners must take measures to protect the flowers until the temperature gets milder. The sensitivity to the environment depends on the species of apricot tree being grown. Some are highly intolerant of the cold while others welcome it for certain periods in order to blossom.

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