Why You Should Divide Perennials


There are loads of reasons you should look into dividing perennials and at Pushing Daisies: Gardening Blog, we have come up with several reasons you should look into these relatively easy task as well as plenty of tips and tricks on how and when to divide your perennials.

Plant health should be a key concern when dealing with any garden, but perennials require a different sort of knowledge than your average sorts of flowers. These sorts of plants grow in clumps and if the clumps are allowed to grow wildly, they will actually kill the centers. This will leave nothing more than a ring of perennials where you formally had a seemingly healthy bunch.

Two words every gardener should fear are infection and fungus. These two words are another reason why perennial dividing should be a part of any gardener’s knowledge banks. If you carefully and safely divide the clumps formed by many perennials, then your garden will be less likely to have a major catastrophe on its leaves should a plant infection or any sorts of fungi come to town. By separating these plants into manageable parts, you can quarantine any affected plants without losing your entire stock of a certain plant. If you have the same sorts of plants in different sections of your garden, then it will take a much shorter time to resupply the lost flowers than it might if you had to regrow them completely.

What is your garden for if not to show off vibrant, beautiful flowers in the most numerous way you can manage with large flowers that are always the best for viewing? Overcrowding of a perennial causes smaller and/or fewer flowers. Any gardener that wishes to show off their garden will know that the best flowers are the largest and most numerous when showing them off. This is just one of the many steps to having a luscious garden for your viewing pleasure.

Did you know plants can be aggressive? Some perennials have a habit of trying to edge out the competition and if you divide these plants, they are much less likely to have a harsh effect on the plants around them.

As you can see, dividing perennials isn’t nearly as difficult as many might find it. If you are as avid a gardener as we are at Pushing Daisies: Gardening Blog, you should have no problems at all with dividing your perennials.

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6 thoughts on “Why You Should Divide Perennials

  1. I love dividing perennials but sometimes I need a support group to keep me from doing it. πŸ™‚ But, at least once a year we have a Master Gardener plant sale where I donate plants, I give them to gardening friends, and I give them for church gardens. All good things. πŸ™‚

  2. Thanks for the follow at Minkyweasel World. I wish I was more into gardening. Fortunately there is someone else in the household who likes it! I do what I can. I suppose dividing perennials is better than pushing up daisies though!
    Shirley Anne x

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