Use These Tips To Become A Better Gardener


People grow their own vegetables, fruits, and flowers in backyards, pots on windowsills and rooftops, or even community gardens. For anyone who wants to become a better gardener, there is no better time to start than now. Interestingly, over the last few growing seasons, a huge number of people have taken up gardening for the first time. However, gardening can be intimidating.

When most aspiring gardeners look at pictures of organized, beautiful, well–appointed gardens in magazines and books, they tend to get a false perspective of what is expected of them and what is achievable as beginners. The tips outlined in this article can place aspiring gardeners in a much better position for growing a stunning garden. However, these are just a few ideas. The Pushing Daisies: Gardening Blog has more gardening tips that can help people transform their gardens into visual showpieces.

Some of the qualities of a good gardener include:
• Experience
• Persistence and consistency
• Observation and adaptation
• Ability to handle and learn from failures

Nature never throws anything away. Similarly, a wannabe gardener should learn how to use everything in his/her disposal to enhance his garden. This is where learning how to make compost comes in handy for those with some garden space. One can start out with garden, yard, and kitchen waste and come up with two benefits:
• Green points for avoiding the landfill
• A great soil amendment

It is important to spread compost around plants to prevent disease. One should put a small amount in the potting mix to add micro-nutrients to the mix. One can also top–dress beds with it to enhance the structure of the soil, no matter the type of soil one has. Compost restores life to soil that is exhausted from many years of chemical abuse.

Keeping plants grouped in beds that are not trod upon conserves water, cuts down on weeding, and allows the compost to be concentrated where it is most needed. Neatness aside, the virtue of planting crops in wide beds is easier path maintenance.

A good gardener must also understand the benefits of mulching and feeding the soil, as opposed to feeding the plants. There is an old Chinese proverb that states that, the best fertilizer, or manure, is the gardener’s shadow. Thus, to become a better gardener, one must observe, scrutinize, monitor, and take signals from his/her plants if things are not as they should be.

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6 thoughts on “Use These Tips To Become A Better Gardener

  1. Another thing I think makes a good gardener is a sense of adventure and curiosity. You ideal garden may not magically appear, but it you’re willing to try new things, you can still be surrounded by beauty and abundance.

  2. I certainly agree that gardening magazines and the like with their photos of perfect gardens give an unrealistic standard. Even I can’t achieve those and I’ve been gardening almost forever.

    One other bit of advice for beginners is to start small and build from that.

  3. I think my gardening tip is to not leave loads of bare earth between your plants, let them spread. This seems to stop the weeds getting a look in and stops the soil from drying out.

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