Quick Tips For Buying Seeds

There are many ways of starting a garden. You could buy seedlings or grown plants and transfer them on the site. You could also purchase gardening seeds and begin from scratch. The latter strategy is cheaper and ultimately more rewarding. Here are some quick tips for buying seeds:

1. Pick seeds according to your family’s needs.

Resources are limited so they have to be used carefully. Prioritize the seeds of vegetables and fruits that your family likes. Grow plants that will be useful you’re your daily lives since you already consume them regularly. Perhaps you like Italian dishes and are fond of adding fresh tomatoes to your dishes. Or maybe you like herbs, chili, okra and other types of plants. You may also be the type to get excited about flowering plants as they add beauty to the garden. Go with what feels right.

2. Consider the climate in your region.

Of course, there will be practical considerations. The climate where you live is an important factor when choosing seeds. The majority of plants prefer a certain type of weather so you have to time your purchases according to the changing seasons. Spring is a great time to be planting, but some seeds require preparation during the winter in order to be ready after the season has changed. Be sure to read the label on the seed packet and follow the instructions carefully.

3. Avoid space hogs if you have a small yard.

Most home gardeners have to work with a small yard so they can’t afford to grow plants that will hog all the space. Pumpkins, squash and sweet corn are examples of these space hogs. Unless you have a really large lot, then it is best to avoid these. Go with space savers instead like beans, peppers, tomatoes, and salad greens.

4. Get disease-resistant varieties.

It would be crushing to work so hard only to see your plants wilt and succumb to diseases. Get seeds of disease-resistant varieties of vegetables so that you won’t have to go through that headache.

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