Why You Should Buy A Live Christmas Tree And Plant It

Pushing Daisies would like to share one of our Christmas traditions with your family. We like to use live Christmas trees for our celebration. Preferably one with the roots still attached so we can transplant it outside afterwards.

We like to pick a tree with a root ball rather than a cut tree or potted one. A root ball weighs more, but we feel it is worth it. A six foot tree with its roots covered in burlap can weigh up to 250 pounds. A potted root system weighs much less, but doesn’t always survive a winter transplanting.

Trees with roots are more stable than a cut tree, and less likely to tip over. We’ve seen several customer pictures of someone’s backside knocking over the tree as they hand out packages.

A living tree holds its needles longer, and it stays green. There is less risk of fire. However, you’ll want to keep both kinds of trees watered on a regular basis.

A tree with root ball keeps indoors for about ten days before it starts to have new growth, which is bad in colder climates. After Christmas you’ll want to acclimate it for a couple of days in the garage before planting.

There is no yard waste to worry about. We’ve found the city is very uncooperative about picking up a dead cut tree. If it isn’t curbside on the scheduled pickup date, forget it. They aren’t coming back without charging a hefty fee.

Using a living Christmas tree helps the environment. It adds color to your yard. It reduces your carbon footprint. It will absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen. A live tree attracts birds to the yard. It supplies food and a place to nest.

We enjoy watching the tree grow year after year. We have a living reminder of a past Holiday season. In subsequent years we decorate the tree with outdoor lights to enhance the Christmas cheer.

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4 thoughts on “Why You Should Buy A Live Christmas Tree And Plant It

  1. This is a great (and important) post. We bought a live tree last Christmas and planted it out in the backyard not long after. It’s doing great. It’s still small, but putting on new growth steadily. We plan to do the same, decorate it outside each year. I made a Christmas star, for the top, out of two pie pans (the ones that come with graham cracker crusts). I’ll post the way I made it on my website sometime before Christmas, so people can take their Thanksgiving pie crust pans and turn them into Christmas decorations. Cheers, B. J.

  2. For many years we had an artificial tree and last year I saw some small Christmas trees in our garden centre with roots.. So we bought one.. Its now happily thriving in our garden in a large tub.. I hope to use again this year.. ..

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