Grow Your Own Asparagus Patch

If you love asparagus and you would love to grow some on your own, you should probably get started right away. Although the asparagus bed will need time to hit its best stride, once it does, you can enjoy very quality produce every day. The great thing is, today there are some improved varieties of asparagus which won’t need so much work and so much attention to grow them. In case you want to grow asparagus, here are a few tips that you can use to get started:

Clear the Area of Any Weeds

The best way to ensure that your asparagus takes off is to grow it in a clear area where there is no weed. In light of this fact, the very first step in growing asparagus on your own is to find a small piece of land, clear all the weeds and vegetation until nothing is left. Once you are done with that, you can now begin making plans for planting.

Prepare the Bed

After you have removed all the weeds, it is now time to prepare the bed. Start by digging a 12” deep trench and one foot wide. After that, put in a shovel of compost in the trench and then add exactly one cup of all purpose organic fertilizer. Mix the two with the soil very well and make a mound. Plant the asparagus crowns on the mounds at an 18” interval across the bed until you have no more space.

Watering Tips

Asparagus plants are traditionally adapted to swampy areas and maintaining good moisture in the soil is vital when you grow asparagus. The best way to ensure water is supplied well is using drip irrigation albeit a soaker hose may also do the trick. During the first three to five years of growth, it is very important to ensure that the plant has enough water.

If you can get the simple basics right, there is no reason why you cannot get good produce from asparagus. However, don’t be greedy; start with a small harvest as you move increasing the amount year after year. Pushing Daisies is an insightful blog that provides tips and secrets on gardening.  Follow us for more tips and tricks that will give you the best-looking garden in your neighborhood.


4 thoughts on “Grow Your Own Asparagus Patch

  1. I guess I’m one to defy common wisdom. I let wildflowers grow among my asparagus. They grow in succession, so the asparagus gets the full sun in early spring, and by the time the asparagus is done, the flowers come into bloom. This way I have something to look at all through the summer.

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