Climbing Plants That Do Well In Dry Areas

We understand that achieving a beautiful garden can be challenging, but the key to a successful garden in any climate begins with plants that are ideal to that climate. In a dry climate, climbing plants can be a haven, providing plenty of leafy vines and a welcoming, cool, shady arbor.

Look for those that love the sun and heat, such as the Pink Trumpet Vine–native to South Africa. This is a slow grower at first, requiring moderate watering, but will speed up its growth once established.

The Clematis, a fast-growing climber, is another fine choice for a dry climate, although requires ample water. It performs well when planted in a sheltered corner, especially when its roots are kept cool. To keep roots cool, cover the root zone with rocks or tile. Don’t worry if it looks dead in the winter, as it will revive come Spring.

A very fast-growing climbing plant for a dry climate is Hall’s Honeysuckle. Its trumpet-shaped flowers produce a heavenly fragrance, putting on its show during Spring and early Summer. This no-fuss climber requires little water, loves the heat, and can tolerate poor soil conditions. It is known to be invasive, so cut it back in Winter.

We love the Cape Honeysuckle on pergolas or arbors. A South African native, the plant can grow up to 25 feet with little water! Ensure it’s initially tied to the pergola.

The Algerian Ivy is a fast grower that climbs virtually anything. It’s a gorgeous climbing vine that boasts lush dark leaves, which can, unfortunately, sunburn. At first, it requires moderate watering, but once established, needs very little water.

The Cat’s Claw is an impressive, vigorous climber that attaches to almost anything. Beware of its eagerness to grow, however, as it can be extremely invasive. Its green leaves and vines allow for pretty, yet short-lived, flowers in Spring.

We’ve chosen some of the fastest growing climbing plants for dry climates because most want quick results, but there are numerous other show-stopping climbers that are worth considering. They will also provide the great looks, beautiful blooms, and the natural shade many homeowners desire.

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8 thoughts on “Climbing Plants That Do Well In Dry Areas

  1. Some great tips! I’ve been trying to create privacy all around my perimeter since I bought the house. Drought tolerant is KEY for me in San Diego. My most successful vine by a landslide has been the passion fruit!! I planted last year and it’s already 5x the size of all the other species of vines I planted three years ago. Plus, passion fruit for days!! Yummy.

  2. In some parts of the US, Western Clematis is a native flower that spreads vigorously (sometimes too vigorously!) and is very drought tolerant. It will also spread over the ground if climbing structures aren’t available, so it can be used as ground cover.

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