Plants That Love Shade

Have you always wondered what you would do with those shade spots in your back garden? Or maybe the entire garden is shaded that you don’t possibly imagine anything growing in it. Well, what you don’t know is the fact that there are plants that love shade and will make your backyard beautiful despite the sunlight strains.

Plantain Lilies

They are also known as the hostas and are perfect for a shady wet ground. They are known for their immaculate foliage and flowers plus they come in different color shades of hold, variegated, gold or green. There are perennials so don’t worry about the ground being too moist for them. Just make sure you keep them safe from slugs or snails (egg shells will help here).


Bergenia are another example of plants that love shade. They are nicknamed ‘Elephant Ears’ because of their large leather-like leaves. In spring, you will see their beautiful bloomy flowers which come in wide variety thanks to the extensive breeding of the Bergenia over the years. Winter will turn the foliage a beautiful purple, so that is something to look forward to as well.


Ferns are easy to find and they will thrive in any shaded areas. They are loved for their pristine foliage and their green profile gives any garden that coveted natural look. Ferns are ideal for creating mood and they will fit in any kind of garden offering a lustrous contrast.


Even though it may take years before seeing the bamboo bloom, you will definitely reap huge benefits once foliage season comes. They are known to create the tropical feeling to any garden plus they vary in shapes and sizes. Additionally, bamboo provides shade from the seething sun and act as great wind breakers in your garden.

Lilly of the Valley

An excellent choice for plants that love shade thanks to their beautiful colors. They will thrive under any shade and will form a dense green carpet on your garden with tiny white flower details. They also produce amazing scents in their bloom adding to the serenity of your garden.

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4 thoughts on “Plants That Love Shade

  1. I also like Sarcococca hookeriana. A nice, simple, fragrant, winter flowering plant. My gran used to have one tucked in a dark corner of her garden.

  2. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the feature image showing
    Equisetum hyemale
    (Horsetail Rush)? That would definitely be a sun loving plant! It also prefers damp water plant soil and is usually planted at the edge of ponds in full sun. Bamboo, yes; Horsetail no.

    I so wish I had more shade for many species that I love, but can no longer grow. I’m just waiting on some shade trees to mature so I can plant. I have a Bear Breech just dying to get out of its pot and into the ground!

  3. We are creating a garden right next to a stream so the ground is almost always damp and the area shady. We planted hosta and ferns but will also think about planting some of the others you mentioned.
    thank you!

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