How Bats Benefit Gardens And Gardeners


Many homeowners are scared of bats, and are trying to keep them away from their plants. However, – contrary to the common belief – bats are good for gardens. Indeed, they can  get rid of more insects in one night than several zapper devices combined. Keeping bats in the garden will naturally eliminate the insects that would feed on the leaves of plants.

People planning a garden party will be happy to know that bats can keep mosquitoes and moths away, so guests can enjoy a romantic evening without being disturbed by these insects. Indeed, they eat as many as 600 mosquitoes an hour, which is impressive. North American bats, on the other hand, are harmless, and do not attack people at all. They hunt for insects and small animals, and hair is safe from them, as well.

The high mineral content of droppings also brings several benefits. Bats are good for gardens simply because they fertilize the soil in a natural way. Gardeners can save money on high nitrogen-content artificial fertilizers if they can attract bats. They cause no damage to the plants, and will protect them from invasive insect species.

People who just discovered that bats are good for gardens can make a plan to attract bats. Several different species are now becoming rare, due to the increased use of pesticides, and they only need a little help to make a garden their home. First, they need a source of clear water. This can be provided in a bowl that is protected from pesticides and other chemicals. Bats simply love water features. Homeowners can also make bat huts and place them on old shady trees. They need to be hung around 10 feet high to be visible and accessible for bats.

There are several animals that can cause damage in the garden, but bats are not one of them. They do not dig up plants, damage leaves, or spread disease. Gardeners can naturally control the population of insects in their garden by attracting these animals.

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