Growing Brussel Sprouts In Your Garden


Brussel sprouts are an incredibly delicious vegetable. The tiny cabbage-like heads are readily available all through the year and they are delicious roasted, pan-fried, or braised. The good news is that you don’t have to spend money buying these vegetable as you grow them quite easily at home. Here are a few tips that should get you started:

o Brussels sprouts are a hardy plant and sprouts are ready for harvest in 90-120 days of planting. In fact, you do not need a large garden patch for the plant and you can cultivate the plant in a garden box, terrace box, or window box.

o Seeds are readily available. Plant the seeds indoors for 6-8 weeks. Once the seeds sprout, you can then move them to a well-watered window box. Plant the seedlings 12-24 inches apart. Make sure you plant before the frost as the plant does well in light cool weather.

o The plant requires six hours of sunlight and soil pH should be on the higher side. Use a soil pH tester to ensure that the soil has the acquired nitrogen content. Fertilize the seedlings three weeks after they’ve been transplanted.

o Do not cultivate as the plant has very shallow roots. Mulching is preferred as the plant likes cool sand and cool weather. Try to use a liquid fertilizer as this is absorbed much faster than solid fertilizer.

o Sprouts start at the bottom and are ready to harvest when they become 1-2 inches in size. Remove sprouts by twisting them off the plant. You can refrigerate the sprouts for up to five days after harvest.

o The plant continues to produce sprouts as it grows and it has an extended harvest period. A single plant can produce up to three pounds of sprouts in a single season.

As you can see, you can learn how to grow Brussel sprouts quite easily. All it requires is a little hard work and effort. In case you are having problems, you can always write in to us at We welcome queries and our staff will be happy to help you with any problems.


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