How To Grow Spaghetti Squash In Your Garden

487479144How to Grow Spaghetti Squash

Spaghetti squashes take 90 to 100 days to harvest, require regular watering, warm weather and a full sun. For this reason, the seeds should never be out before the frost day has gone by. Of course, you can start the seedlings indoors. For that, you will need to culture the seeds a month before the frost date.

Keep this in mind that you are not to bring them out until after two weeks of the last frost date. Dig up the soils well and loose when planting the seedlings and make sure to add some manure and compost to the soil so that it becomes nutrient-rich. When planting, you must allow a space of at least three inches between each hill.

Some consider the idea of planting vertical spaghetti squashes, but it is normally not a good idea. These fruits grow large and heavy in size and the mature ones cannot be expected to hang unless you provide enough structures and trellises to support the fruit.

For the first few weeks, weed out the space around the hills. Thereafter, once the plants have started to mature, they will create their own sheds and would be able to keep the weeds at bay. Once the peak of summer has passed, we advise you to remove any new blossoms that are there since there will not be enough time for them to grow.

As for insect care, a spaghetti squash vine is robust enough to withstand most insect damages. However, keep an eye out for big cucumber beetles and squash bugs. They can hide inside blossoms or under the leaves, so make sure to check carefully. If the large leaves turn mildew, apply some fungicide sprays and water the plants only at the soil and not on the leaves.

Unlike other varieties of squashes, you cannot pick spaghetti squashes when small. You can harvest them only when they are fully mature. You can tell that they are fully mature when the outer skin of the fruit becomes hard enough to withstand a hard push from your fingernails.

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