Info On Growing Raspberries In Containers


Ever wanted to grow raspberries in containers? Worried that you are not much of a gardener and will be unsuccessful? If you want raspberries that are fresh and home grown throughout the year, you should keep a few simple ideas in mind and you will have healthy delicious raspberries, even during drought. You will want to grow your raspberries in containers at least 24″ in size in beds measuring 2″ at least in height.

You can get regular potting soil and use regular fertilizer and plant food if you wish. Make sure to regularly water your raspberries, and in hotter climates spend extra time watering and pruning your raspberries as well. There are lots of different varieties of raspberries, and they all have varying growth habits and characteristics. One rule of thumb to use is to consider which varieties are available in your area, and therefore you will be able to find those which will grow the best in your climate or zone.

If you are using a large container it will work a lot better overall, smaller containers do not work as well. If you live in an exceptionally cold area with extreme winter conditions, your containers will probably not work very well, so you should really only grow them in warmer climates. Containers will freeze in the ground in very cold conditions, so if you want to grow them still, you could but they will not make it to the next spring season and will need to be replaced.

The availability of different varieties will vary across North America to a great degree. Since there are so many different varieties to choose from, and since all may not be suitable to your area for the conditions, there is a specific variety called Fall Gold that are wonderful. The taste is sweeter than red raspberries, and they are liable to grow well in most climates.

When growing multiple varieties, you should make sure to separate the black and red from the yellow and gold varieties because mixing them is just not advisable.

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